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Electronic Fashion Digitizer is a device conceived for rapidly bringing a cardboard model to a drawing ready to be processed by the cutting machine.

It recognizes automatically hole, notches and lengthwise grain for each shape.

It makes it possible to associate the drawing with descriptions, such as item name, model name, basic size, etc…

Due to the increasing need for innovative technologies in the cutting room to be competitive on international markets, we have committed ourselves to the development of a flexible and easy-to-integrate solution in the clothing and living room sector.

Essential in the upholstered furniture and in the leather / fabric cut sector, the Cutting Trading International digitizer is also a useful tool for cutting PVC and composite fabrics.

The data filed in DXF, DXF AAMA and RAM format can be imported into the most commonly used AutoCAD systems employed in cutting rooms in fashion and living room sectors.

Its ease of use allows even unskilled users to digitize a shape and speeds up skilled designers’ work.

The programm takes a picture of the Digitizer board  and analyzes it; from the image processing of the picture the outline, holes, notches and the lengthwise grain of the shape can be extracted.

Digitizer creates a video report for each single shape found and a file report on dimensions, notch numbers, hole number, presence or absence of lengthwise grain. Read more

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