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For over twenty years, Cutting Trading International is the Italian leader in the design and development of automatic PVC cutting machines.

Our goal has always been to help companies to increase production efficiency by automating the entire work process, with reliable machinery able to save material and costs.

Main Benefits of PVC Cutting System

1. Materials optimization

Thanks to the Hi Raptor 2.5 automatic cutting, it is possible to perform each cutting phase in a more precise and efficient way, saving on material and operating times.

2. Increased production efficiency

Productivity and savings are what distinguishes the entire range of Cutting Trading products. The efficiency of the products guarantees the best profit for your cutting room.

3. Increased flexibility

Our philosophy, which always puts flexibility and versatility in the forefront, has led us to create an automatic cutting system able to increase performance and efficiency.

4. Cutting quality

Hi Raptor 2.5 can work with a broad range of materials using the basic machine with specific tools for each type of operation with rapid switch from one material to another.

5. Versatility

The versatility of the HI Raptor system is based on wide availability of tools, the cutting dimension of which can be adjusted electronically.

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