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The PVC Cutting Solution


Tensile structures

The fabric and material spreading, the identification of the ...

Composite Materials

Kevlar, carbon fiber, glass fiber, Aramid fiber.

The PVC Cutting Solution

Cutting Trading

Cutting Trading offers the client a special configuration for plastic materials, PVC, polyester and composite canvas and hard tissue cut. Such industrial methodology is intended for inflatables structures, tenso structures, geodesic covers, gazebos, boat/car sheltering and truck covers manufacturers.


PVC Cutting Plotter

Conveyor System

BTF feeder

BTF feeder, feeding system for heavy rolls, gives you the chance to automatically spread the material on cutting table. It is easy to load and use. Reaching the unwinding speed of 0,5 m/s, without stretching nor folding, for up to 1500kg rolls (customizable for higher weights), gives you the easiest solution for passing from 100 meters material cut to small detailed cut.

Increased productivity

Operator will only have to charge the roll on the machine and, at the end on cutting process, carry the cut pieces to next production step.

Recommended configuration for PVC cutting


PVC Digital Cutter


Big Textile Feeder Unwinder

PVC Cutting Tools

PVC Cutting - Our products

Cutting Trading International is the company specialized in the design and production of automatic PVC cutting systems. The ideal for saving time and material, especially in sectors where the cost of technical fabrics is very high and the flexibility and versatility of the workflow is now essential.

We offer a complete line of products for cutting PVC, from the cutting machine to its tools. Effective, complete and reliable solutions.

Our research and development methodology reflects Cutting Trading’s commitment to providing products and solutions that ensure our customers’ success.

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