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Blacks now has a modern and efficient fiber cutting system that implements and completes the technological resources available to the company. Thanks to this tool it is possible to optimize the entire production and to guarantee to the customer a very high quality repetition of the produced pieces.

Teloni Tosetto
One of the most well-known NWT coated textile processing companies is constantly engaged in the development of the quality of its own production through the use of high-quality materials, together with the use of technologically advanced machinery and equipment.
Design, manufacture and installation of tarpaulins for motor vehicles and for civil and industrial coverings with PVC-coated fabrics.

Sirio Materassi
Research aimed at the use of special and innovative materials leads to the birth of SIRIOMED®, the patented mattress that takes its name from the business branch to the medical sector.

Valcom Coperture
In the sector, it is the only Italian company to manage all stages of production, from preliminary legislation to post-sales assistance. A 100% industrialized product: lower costs, guaranteed standards, certified quality.

Spinelli Teloni
We produce Truck Trolleys, Gazebos, Special Shells, Swimming Pool Shelves, Pick-ups, Beach Towels, Sunshades, Venetian blinds and Mosquito nets. We also decorate the decorative part, even with screen printing or digital printing. 10,000 square meters of square.

Mancini Tende
The Mancini Tende company offers you a wide range of Walking Tents models, starting from the semi-automatic version to reach the fully automated version operated by radio remote control. Today, we can offer our customers innovative products in full compliance with Community directives.

Gruppo Italtelo
L’azienda, su una superficie di 9500 mq, è dotata del più innovativo centro stampa digitale. Produce quotidianamente fino a 10000 mq di stampati rigidi o flessibili.
Ha prodotto la più grande bandiera al mondo, registrata nel guinness dei primati, di 17000 mq.

Franchini Teloni
The company, with an area of 9500 square meters, is equipped with the most innovative digital printing center. Produces up to 10000 square feet of rigid or flexible prints daily.
It produced the world’s largest flag of 17,000 square meters, recorded in the primates guinness.

Scola Teloni
Production of large tensile structures especially for trade shows and circuses. The new automatic cut has allowed us to produce jobs in very short time, giving us the advantage over competitors.

Gatti Salotti
Professionalism and high interior design represent the strengths of a reality that for more than 40 years offers and designs both classic and contemporary furnishings.

RAAP Planen und Zelte

Production of pneumatic inflatable structures for events and advertising. With the insertion of the cutter, our execution times are much faster and the accuracy is much greater. Thanks to the versatility of Raptor, we cut a large range of PVC, TPU and acrylic weave fabrics.



Benet Automotive is a manufacturer of components for the automotive company in PUR and Carbon Fiber. The quality of the products is very high given the high level of raw materials and machining with the latest generation machinery. We offer customized customer service, starting from component offering, designing, prototype, and manufacturing all in the same installations. Benet’s main customers are Skoda, VW, BMW, Audi.

Bâches Méditerranée Valdiserra
Specialized in the packaging and installation of PVC tarpaulins. Thanks to the state-of-the-art modern machine fleet, and above all to the efficient and versatile automatic cutting system, our team makes your customized projects (pergolas, roofs and umbrellas, camper tents, terra cotta covers and swimming pools. The company is increasingly orienting towards textile architecture, creating textile facades, carpets and other more complex structures.

Long years of presence on the market have taught the company Diaferia s.r.l. That, for the attainment of the goals set, it is essential to develop a carefully tailored search for every single need. The use of technologically advanced machines and systems allows to guarantee high quality products and high added value.


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